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Developed by the American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery Foundation (AAO-HNSF), ENThealth.org offers a roadmap for consumers seeking health-related information about the ear, nose, throat, and head and neck. The site seeks to offer:

A community dedicated to helping patients. The content is developed from a team of ENT experts, and information is delivered via peer-reviewed articles, interactive features, and video content featuring physicians.

Reliable information helping consumers understand ENT conditions and diseases. The site seeks to inform and help you understand what exactly an ENT does and when you should see one.

Communicating interconnectivity can lead to better understanding. Many ENT conditions can start as a symptom in one area of the body, but may, in fact, be related to another area. Connecting these anatomical dots will help you have better-informed discussions with your doctors.

Our Contributors

All articles, videos, and content are developed in concert with ENT physician experts, including teams of clinician experts, referred to as Consumer Health Development Groups (CHDGs). An ENThealth.org Executive Committee, composed of clinical experts, provides guidance and oversight.

A special thank you to those who serve on the ENThealth.org Executive Committee and the individual CHDGs. The work and commitment of these individuals to the vision of ENThealth.org has been essential to the project.

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Samantha Anne, MD
Philip G. Chen, MD
James C. Denneny III, MD
Ofer Jacobowitz, MD, PhD
Kristine McGriff
Brian J. McKinnon, MD, MBA
Spencer C. Payne, MD
Gregory W. Randolph, MD
Duane J. Taylor, MD
J. Regan Thomas, MD, FACS
VyVy N. Young, MD

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Ronda E. Alexander, MD
Kristan Alfonso, MD
Ameya Asarkar, MD
Cristina Baldassari, MD
Ryan H. Belcher, MD
Marc L. Bennett, MD
Yael Bensoussan, MD
Jonathan M. Bock, MD
Selena E. Briggs, MD, MBA, PhD
Jennifer Brooks, MD
Eugene G. Brown III, MD
Erin J. Buczek, MD
Sujana S. Chandrasekhar, MD
Brent A. Chang, MD
C. W. David Chang, MD
Jolie Chang, MD
Susan R. Cordes, MD
James J. Daniero, MD
Christine E. DeMason, MD
Karuna Dewan, MD
Hamid Djalilian, MD
Isaac D. Erbele, MD
Zainab Farzal, MD
Stephen R. Favrot, MD
Charles Wesley Ford, Jr., MD
D. Scott Fortune, MD
Mark A. Fritz, MD
William Z. Gao, MD
Stacey T. Gray, MD
Edie Hapner, PhD
Charles Anthony Hughes, MD, MBA, MPH
Allison K. Ikeda, MD, MS
Ofer Jacobowitz, MD, PhD
Nausheen Jamal, MD
Ken Kazahaya, MD, MBA
Priya D. Krishna, MD
Anil K. Lalwani, MD
Mina N. Le, MD
Kenneth Lee, MD
Whitney Elizabeth Liddy, MD
Stanley Yung-Chuan Liu, MD, DDS
Lyndsay Madden, DO
Badr-Eldin Mostafa, MD
Cherie-Ann O. Nathan, MD
Erin O’Brien, MD
Kourosh Parham, MD, PhD
Noah P. Parker, MD
Steve M. Parnes, MD
Phillip K. Pellitteri, DO
Colleen T. Plein, MD
Lindsay Reder, MD
David A. Rengifo, MD
Sara L. Richer, MD
Clark A. Rosen, MD
Hamed Sajjadi, MD
Maisie L. Shindo, MD
Michael C. Singer, MD
Libby J. Smith, DO
Jordan I. Teitelbaum, DO
Alyssa R. Terk, MD
Betty S. Tsai Do, MD
Dale A. Tylor, MD, MPH
Varun V. Varadarajan, MD
Jonathan M. Walsh, MD
Grace M. Wandell, MD
Randal S. Weber, MD
Cameron C. Wick, MD
Sarah K. Wise, MD
Troy D. Woodard, MD
Yu-Lan Mary Ying, MD

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Special acknowledgment also to members of the AAO-HNS Airway and Swallowing, Hearing, Voice, and Rhinology and Paranasal Sinus Committees who contributed to the development of patient health information during the lead-up to this website.

Who is the American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery?

The American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery, one of the oldest medical associations in the nation, represents about 12,000 physicians and allied health professionals who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the ears, nose, throat, and related structures of the head and neck.

The AAO-HNS Foundation works to advance the art, science, and ethical practice of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery through education, research, and lifelong learning.

AAO-HNS/F Vision—The global leader in optimizing quality ear, nose, and throat patient care.

Learn more about AAO-HNS/F.

The information on ENThealth.org is provided solely for educational purposes and does not represent medical advice nor is it a substitute for seeking professional medical care.