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March 3 is World Hearing Day; learn about autoimmune inner ear diseaseconductive hearing losssensorineural hearing losspediatric hearing lossacoustic neuromaotosclerosisgenes and hearing lossnoise-induced hearing loss in children, and more. Sleep Awareness Week is March 14 – 20; here are some important tips for improving your sleep quality including how to keep a sleep journal.

February is Kids ENT Health Month! Noise-induced hearing loss occurs as a result of loud noises that damage the inner ear and can affect as many as 17 percent of teens. Learn more about pediatric hearing loss, cochlear implant health, and ear gear and hearing health. And discover how to find the right hearing aid for you.


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a novel, or new, respiratory disease. Learn how you can stay safe and healthy, and read recommendations for ENT specialists returning to practice. AAO-HNS issues statement that rare events of Bell’s palsy should not dissuade healthcare personnel or patients from receiving these critical vaccines. AAO-HNS issues statement on Bell’s palsy treatment and COVID-19. AAO-HNS and AAOA issue joint statement on allergic reactions related to COVID-19 vaccinations in allergic patients.

For those with underlying hearing loss or impairment, face masks can introduce a new, unexpected barrier to communicating with others. Find out what steps you can take to stay safe while enhancing communication.

Getting a COVID-19 test can help keep you and your loved ones healthy. Not sure what to expect? Learn from an ENT specialist about proper COVID-19 testing.

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