How Much Bruising and Swelling Should I Expect? What Can I Do for It?

It is not unusual to have swelling and perhaps bruising, depending on the type of surgery. It may take about seven to 10 days for bruising to resolve. Swelling may not fully resolve for several weeks. Elevating your head when sleeping or resting, applying ice, and use of over-the-counter or herbal medications and supplements may assist in the relief of these symptoms.

When May I Blow My Nose?

You should not blow your nose for at least one week after surgery or as directed by your surgeon in order to promote healing and limit trauma to nasal structures.

How Much Nasal Drainage Will I Have?

You should expect some nasal drainage for the first few days. If you experience bleeding or drainage that does not resolve, you should contact your surgeon.

When May I Resume Sports?

Contact sports may not be permitted for several weeks or months. Any sports that involve the risk of injury, trauma, or strenuous activity should not be resumed until cleared by the surgeon.

When May I Return to Work/School?

You should discuss when to return to work with your surgeon. You should limit heavy lifting and exposure to dusty/smoky environments.

When Should I Expect Nasal Congestion to Subside?

Congestion may take weeks to fully resolve. This will improve as swelling decreases.

What Are the Complications that May Occur after Rhinoplasty?

Complications that may occur after rhinoplasty include bleeding, infection, persistent numbness, persistent change in smell or taste, abnormal scarring, nasal asymmetry, persistent nasal obstruction.

How Likely Am I to Need Additional Nasal Surgery?

A low percentage of patients have additional surgery or procedures, but this varies greatly, and you should have this conversation with your surgeon.


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