Improve Your Sleep Quality

Making some simple but important modifications to your sleep hygiene—your everyday behaviors and circumstances surrounding your sleep and bedtime patterns—can help improve the overall quality and duration of your sleep. Consider these tips for getting a better night’s sleep:

You can also use this ENThealth Sleep Journal to help track your sleep patterns and be aware of daily situations that help—or hinder—a good night’s sleep. Print copies of this document to keep by your bedside for easy, effective journaling before you go to bed each night and when you wake up each morning. Or, you can fill it out electronically to share with your healthcare provider.

When you have taken steps to improve your sleep hygiene but you haven’t seen positive results, your sleep problem may be more complicated. An ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialist, or otolaryngologist, or a sleep specialist can discuss additional tests and treatments for more complex sleep disorders, and which options might be best for you.

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Here are some tips for improving the quality of your sleep.

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