Get the Best ENT Care

Get the best ENT Care

Take charge of your ENT health and get additional information that supplements the Conditions and Treatments found here on ENThealth. Browse through our growing library of Get the Best Care literature to find the right resources you and your family need to not only manage your ENT-related conditions, but learn all you can to Be ENT Smart!


Doctor fitting patient with hearing aid

Depending on your degree of hearing loss, type of hearing loss, and other medical factors, you may benefit from a hearing aid. Learn more about selecting the right option for you.

Snoring Problems

Snoring can affect not only the snorer’s sleep, but also the sleep of a spouse, partner, or other family members nearby. Discover treatment options that can help.

Sleep Surgery

Each year, thousands of people have nasal surgery for a variety of reasons: improve the shape of their nose, relieve breathing problems, correct a birth or injury deformity, or support an aging, drooping nose.

Featured Stories

What is Chronic Cough?

A continuing cough that has been present for more than eight weeks in adults and more than four weeks in children is often considered to be a chronic cough.

What is Skull Base Surgery?

Skull base surgery is a specialized type of surgery that focuses on treating conditions at the base of the skull. Otolaryngology skull base surgery is minimally invasive and almost always performed using a team approach.

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Be ENT Smart

Learn how to stay ENT healthy, prevent problems, and manage existing conditions to improve your, or a loved one’s, daily life.


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