FAQs Comparing Nonopioid and Opioid Medications

From the Clinical Practice Guideline: Opioid Prescribing for Analgesia after Common Otolaryngology Operations, this information provides answers to frequently asked questions comparing nonopioid and opioid medications.

Neck Mass Follow-up

A neck mass is an abnormal lump in the neck. A neck mass may be caused by infection, a benign tumor, or a cancerous tumor.

Neck Mass Examination under Anesthesia

Examination under anesthesia is performed by a surgeon to evaluate the back of your throat, voice box, the back of your nose, upper trachea (breathing tube) and upper esophagus (swallowing tube).

Neck Mass: What the Adult Patient Should Expect

A biopsy involves taking a sample of tissue from the neck mass, which is looked at under the microscope by a pathologist to make a diagnosis.

FAQs for Adults with a Neck Mass

A neck mass may indicate a serious medical problem. It does not mean you have cancer, but it does mean you need more evaluation to make a diagnosis.